What management capabilities exist in the product?

    SEP Mobile offers multiple management capabilities as listed below:

    Deployment Management

    • Flexible deployment with cloud, on premises and hybrid models
    • Integration with Microsoft Exchange for deployment and policy enforcement
    • Integration with corporate MDM for automated deployment
    • Automated enrollment
    • Visibility into installation status at the device and organizational levels

    Device Management:

    • Remote wipe
    • Passcode lock
    • Automated upgrades/updates to the SEP Mobile app and iOS profiles
    • Comprehensive reporting on devices, users and groups

    Security Management:

    • Complete visibility across:
      1. Affected devices
      2. Affected users
      3. Compliance policy and violations
      4. Security threats, attacks and incidents
      5. Suspicious networks
      6. Incidents based on geographical locations
      7. OS versions and vulnerabilities
    • Security dashboards and reports
    • Organizational policy creation and enforcement
    • Integration with other corporate solutions for added security and enforcement:
      1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions (such as Check Point)
      2. Microsoft Exchange
      3. Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions (such as AirWatch)
      4. Comprehensive activity logs for integration with any SIEM solutions



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